Monday, May 14, 2012

Strings On My Fingers and Bows On My Toes

It seems the older I get, the more forgetful I get.  

At one time in my life I could remember anything.  Names, dates, to do lists, phone numbers, addresses, you name it.  My brain was a limitless repository of information.  Well, I guess the repository is now full. These days I cannot seem to remember anything without writing it down, or more accurately, putting a reminder in my phone.

To make it worse, there is now evidence that I am apparently forgetting how to actually DO things.

This morning I put the ingredients for chicken taco filling into the crock pot.   This evening, as I was leaving work, Rob called me.  As soon as I realized who was calling, and before I even spoke to him, it dawned on me....I turned the crock pot on....but I did NOT plug it in!  But hey, in compensation for my forgetfulness, I've at least become psychic right?  Because, he was in fact calling to let me know that dinner was not waiting at home the way I expected, and of course, to tease me for not plugging in the crock pot.

Maybe I need to take one of those "Improve Your Memory" courses.  I would probably forget to do whatever I need to do to take the course at the rate I'm going.  The old string around my finger might work I suppose, but I'm not sure I have enough fingers and toes.

At least the issue of dinner was easily solved by a stop at the Greek restaurant on my way home.  But if you see me at the craft store sometime soon, just try to pretend you don't know what all the ribbon in my basket is for.


  1. This made me laugh. I am forgetting lots of stuff lately...So now I made friends with Post it notes..I have turned into my grandmother.. She used to put them around to "remember" and I found that they help me now...

  2. Winnie -

    My Post It note app on my phone is my best friend these days! I'm glad I could make you laugh, and thank you for the comment! :)

  3. You should try some of the brain games online. Or you could pick up the passion that I recently wrote about on my blog... just don't let it become an obsession.