Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Joy of Giving

I try not to gift hand knitted items to those that I don't think will appreciate them.  I truly want to give gifts that the recipient will enjoy, but I do enjoy knitting gifts for those that I know will be appreciative.

Today I had the joy of giving a hand knit shawl to a coworker who had a milestone birthday.  She was thrilled, so I was thrilled, and it there was happiness in the land.  At least until we had to go back to work.

This is the shawl I finished recently but couldn't post pictures of yet because the recipient is aware of this blog, and while I don't think she reads it regularly, if I had posted this before I gifted it, it would have been my luck that would have been the day she decided to read.  Also not posting pictures of her with the shawl because I forgot to ask her if that would be o.k.

I finished a mystery shawl tonight, but won't have a chance to block it until this weekend, so pictures of that at a later date.  I have another mystery shawl starting Saturday, and yet another starting next Wednesday, so more shawls to come for sure!

And I'm pushing getting this done to qualify for posting on May 29th, so I'm going to call it an entry!

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