Monday, May 28, 2012

The Flag Still Stands for Freedom

How many times have you said or thought ...."I don't want to go to work tomorrow"?

This afternoon, as the reality that my nice, relaxing, 4 day weekend was coming to a close began to sink in, I had that thought.  And then I remembered that I had the day off work to begin with because there are people who choose to do the work that I don't want to.

I can bitch and moan about not going to work, without the fear that there will be real consequences for my statements, because of those men and women who choose military service as their work.  And unfortunately, some of those men and women give more than just time and effort to their jobs, they give their lives.

Our son is in the U.S. Army.  We are very proud of his decision to serve.  I generally choose to do my best not to worry about things I cannot control, and he has only had one (very brief thankfully) deployment so far, but his service also means the reality is that one of these days, this holiday could have a much more personal meaning for our family.  

Regardless of your political opinions about where and/or why the US military is sent to serve.  I hope that today you took a moment to think about those who were courageous enough to do it and lost their lives as a result.  And recognize that those who are serving now have already made the decision that they are willing to do the same.

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