Saturday, June 9, 2012

All the Pretty Colors

There's no question that what draws me to any particular skein of yarn is the color.  I've often toyed with the idea of dyeing my own yarn, but I've always thought it would be a lot of time and effort. To some extent at least, I was wrong.

My knitting group got together last weekend to try Kool-Aid dyeing, and I discovered how easy, and quick, it is to do.  We had a lot of fun trying out both the crock pot and the microwave methods and seeing how different colors would come out.

The yarn I was dyeing kept sucking up the color before I could get it spread throughout my yarn, so the red I did last weekend still had some white spots and wasn't quite as dark as I wanted.  So today I dyed it with some more red Kool-Aid and also did another skein in yellow and orange.
I definitely see more pretty colors in my future!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


My 6 year old niece's dance recital was yesterday.  Sitting in the auditorium, watching everything from 6 year olds wandering around the stage as they looked at their instructor in the wings for the next move to senior solos, brought back many memories.

I danced from age 4 or 5 until I graduated from high school.  By that time, I was dancing 20 hours a week if you count the hours I helped teach classes.  For my small town studio I was a pretty good dancer, but never good enough to have even considered doing it for anything other than enjoyment.

I have dancing to thank for my relatively good balance and flexibility.  Which is a good thing, since I can also thank it for the fact that the arches of my feet are shot and I just had to have back surgery in November.

But yesterday, watching my niece and all the other kids out there on stage, having fun and so proud of herself and her pretty costume, all I could remember was the thrill of the annual recital.  The chaos back stage, the heavy makeup, the multiple costume changes, and the chance to show off for family and friends were all part of the fun.

On the other hand...I now have more sympathy for what my parents sat through year after year.  Maybe I should say what my mother sat through, my father confessed yesterday that he and some of the other fathers always left at intermission and went to the country club for drinks!