Friday, May 11, 2012

The Calm Before the Storm

I love a day with no requirements.

I took the day off work today, just to have a day off work before the craziness of session starts next week.  The only thing I had committed to do for the day was to take the truck to get a load of topsoil. That required no more effort than driving the truck down to the dirt & rock place, paying the man for a scoop of topsoil, watching him dump it in the bed of the truck, & driving the truck home.

Other than that, I did what I did at the whim of what I felt like doing at any given moment.  That mostly involved reading and knitting. Yes, I still have a weekend before me, but there are things that I should or need to do on those 2 days, and although I did run the dishwasher today and make cinnamon cheesecake squares for a cookout tomorrow, it's nice to have a day to ignore the things you should be doing and just do what you'd like.

We're heading into what we call the "short" session.  The rumors are that leadership intends to wrap up the budget rewrite and the session in about 6 weeks and be done by July 1.  But after 16 years, I never expect them to be done until they're actually done, so one last relaxing day before the uncertainty of my hours begins was well worth it.

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