Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From Whence Ideas Come

I've been sitting here for a while, surfing Facebook and some other blogs, trying to come up with something to write about other than my day.

So far I've considered and rejected the following:
  • People whose Facebook posts are always dramatic
  • People whose Facebook posts consist of their belief in Jesus
  • People who detail the minutia of their daily lives on Facebook (something I'm trying somewhat unsuccessfully to avoid here)
  • People who post nothing on Facebook but pictures of cute babies and animals that someone else has added a cuter caption to
  • Another list of 10/20/50 things about me
  • Several quotes by Anne Lamott (whose books I have never read, but who seems to have written rather a lot of quotable material)
  • Another run through of my day (rejected because there was nothing worth talking about)
  • A couple of news items (rejected because I would have inevitably expressed some sort of political opinion which I don't do because of my job)
And my husband's idea of a topic....what a great lover he is... was rejected once he decided I wasn't allowed to write about that because then the numerous women who read my blog would all be jealous that their husbands aren't nearly as good as he is in bed. (He's going to kill me for actually putting that in here...hehehe).

While there seems to be a potential future post on the subject of what people post of Facebook, none of that really triggered enough thought in my mind tonight to come up with a full fledged post on the subject.

This seems to be one of my biggest issues in blogging.  But one thing I have learned in doing NaBloPoMo this month is that if I just sit down to write, I can come up with something to write about.  It might not always be something interesting, and it's certainly not always great writing, but it is possible to write for at least a limited amount of time and make some sort of sense.  It's a lesson that I hope to make myself apply more regularly to this blog and in a general sense.


As a follow up to yesterday's post, I was grinning from ear to ear today when my coworker who was the recipient of the shawl yesterday came to work with pictures on her phone of all the outfits she had tried it with last night at home!

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  1. I feel famous, even though you didn't mention my name or my cousin's. :)