Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Where I Create

One of the nice things about the kids growing up and moving out is all the space you get to reclaim.  My daughter's room is now the guest room, which allowed my husband to claim the former guest room in the basement as his wood storage and finishing room. 

My son's bedroom is now what I call my craft room, but it's really a library, my writing room, my calligraphy room, my yarn and fiber storage room, my spinning room, my blocking room, and room for any other craft I decide to take a stab at.

So using the BlogHer prompt for today, here's a little tour around my space.

This is my little writing space.  It's not usually this neat, but I did some organizing this weekend.  The bulletin board is a new addition, so I'm sure it will be filled up in no time!

It's actually a small sewing cabinet, but it works well for the space because it folds up and rolls away on wheels if needed. 
There's still a futon sofa in this room because it's a 2nd guest room if needed, which is why my desk needs to move easily.  This folds down into a double bed, that's actually quite comfortable.
The tall bookcase holds mostly knitting, crochet, spinning and tatting books, magazines, and patterns, plus some containers of tatting thread.  The smaller bookcase is calligraphy supplies, books and magazines about writing or to use as story fodder, and the extra notebooks that always seem to jump into my cart anytime I'm near office or school supplies.  The closet is where all the yarn and fiber is stored.  You just get a glimpse here, but there's plenty of it!  And finally, my spinning wheel sitting in the middle of the floor.
The library corner and also the vacuum cleaner storage at the moment until I figure out a better place to put them.We have other bookcases in the house, but we did a major book purge a couple of years ago and it's not nearly as bad as it used to be.

So that's my little space.  I dream of when we build our retirement home and I can design an ideal creative space, but this works for now.

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