Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Long Way of Saying Nothing

I've had a head cold most of the week, which is finally getting better, but after sitting in meetings most of the day my brain is not producing any brilliant ideas for a blog post.  I've been blog surfing for a bit trying to come up with an idea, and although I've read a few posts that have given me some ideas, those ideas all require more thought than I have the energy to expend at the moment.

That's the problem with trying to blog every day.  I don't think my life is quite exciting enough for daily blog posts.  Or maybe I'm just not skilled enough at seeing the little things in a day that can be expanded into a post.  That's one of the reasons I like to try NaBloPoMo every so often, because although I always end up with a couple of posts like this, it forces me to look for things in my every day life to write about.

That's also the reason I try to write in my personal journal every day or couple of days at least.  I find if I write every day I sometimes have very little to say, but if I wait a week or more to write in my journal, there is too much that's happened and I end up not wanting to spend the time to record it all.

So even though I've basically just explained why this post really says nothing at all, it counts as a post and day 21 is complete.

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