Sunday, November 10, 2013

See the Turtle of Enormous Girth

It took several trips, but all of the Christmas decorations are now in the guest room.  Well, everything except the tree stand and the 5 foot wreath that goes on the front of the deck, I'll get those when it's time to use them.

While hauling all the boxes and containers out of the shed, I found this little guy. 

Given his state, I'm guessing he's been in there a while.  I imagine he snuck in there one of the times we left the shed open for a couple of days, and then got locked in.  We had some mouse poison in there too, so I'm not sure if he got into that or just died from lack of food and water.  I almost hope he got into the poison.

I've been listening to The Dark Tower series by Stephen King the last couple of weeks on my daily commute, so in a perfect example of the way my mind works....the first thing that popped into my head was that I'd killed the beam!

See the TURTLE of enormous girth!
On his shell he holds the earth.
His thought is slow but always kind;
He holds us all within his mind.
On his back all vows are made;
He sees the truth but mayn't aid.
He loves the land and loves the sea,
And even loves a child like me.

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