Friday, November 29, 2013

What I've Been Up To

This is my new buddy Diesel.  He's an English Mastiff.  He belongs to the friends we  spent the day with yesterday and he's gigantic, and he's the sweetest, drooling, 170 pound teddy bear, and I love him. They also have another dog, Sasha.
But Diesel....
I love dogs, but I don't really want one right now.   We've had a couple over the years, and I miss having a dog when I'm at home.  What I don't miss is having to make arrangements to have them taken care of if we want to go out of town for a weekend, or even if we just want to do something after work without going home first.
Cats are much easier in that respect.  Just leave some food and water and they're good for a weekend.  If we're gone longer the neighbor comes in every couple of days to clean the litter box and make sure they haven't eaten all the food.  We'll probably have another dog someday though.

On a separate train of thought....I got a lot the the Christmas decorating done today.
The wreath is on the front deck, and the lights are up.  It's the first time I've put them up since we had the deck rebuilt a couple of years ago, so Rob had to go around and put in screws for me to use to hang them, but we got it all done.
I love the way it looks lit up, even if it does sort of make the house look like Saturn.  The tree is in the house and in the stand.  So far the kitten doesn't seem interested in anything other than the water in the stand, we'll see what happens when there are lights and ornaments all over it.

Tomorrow is college football with my family....Go Heels! that will take up most of the day. I hope to at least get the lights on the tree tomorrow night so I can put on ornaments Sunday and then the decorating will mostly be done.  Next weekend it will be time to tackle the Christmas cards.

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