Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas is Coming

My pitiful fake tree from last year.
 It suddenly dawned on me tonight that Christmas is 5 weeks from today.  YIKES!

Yes, I've hauled all the decorations into the house, but I haven't begun decorating yet (mainly because it seems too early when Thanksgiving isn't even here yet).  Other than that, I've come up with very few gifts, and I'm starting to panic about finishing the one gift that I'm hand knitting this year.

Turns out our daughter and her fiance are coming home for Christmas, yeah!, so there will be people in the house.  We've invited my in-laws to come as well, still waiting to hear from them, and my parents will probably stop by sometime Christmas Day as well.

Time for me to get those lists finished and a plan together I guess.  I'm going to make a couple of goodies that freeze well this weekend to get ahead on the baking I want to do.  Also need to prod the kids again to send me gift ideas.

Thanksgiving weekend the decorating begins in earnest!

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