Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday - In Trouble

This week's Twisted Mix Tape Theme is songs about doing things that would get you in trouble if you did them in real life.

I don't know why it was so hard for me to come up with songs for this week.  I was just drawing a blank, and ended up having to resort to quizzing coworkers for suggestions, which finally kicked my brain in gear and I actually came up with 5 that weren't used by Jen to begin with.  Not my best list so far by any means, but it will work.

"Cocaine Blues" - Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash did a lot of shit in songs that would put you in prison.  Hell, half of his songs are about being in prison.  But I still love him.

"Life's Been Good" - The Eagles

"I live in hotels, tear out the walls..."  Let's face it, we'd get arrested for pulling that shit since we're not famous rock stars with accountants to pay for it all.

  "Life in the Fast Lane" - The Eagles

Yeah, this one's a bit of a reach, but there's "lines on the mirrors, lines on her face" so they're doing some cocaine in this song and that counts in my book.

 "Dead or Alive" - Journey 

A double secret agent paid to kill sounds like trouble to me.  But it doesn't sound so bad when Steve Perry sings about it does it?

"I Can't Drive 55" - Van Halen

 O.k., I admit it, I have a bit of a lead foot, so if any of these songs is true for me, this one is it. 

Thanks again to Jen for giving me something to write about today!


  1. I'm a lead foot, too. Didn't think of Van Halen, though, so I'm glad you included it.

  2. OK I really Love Cocaine Blues, I wanted to put it on my epic list, but I just didn't have the room. It's a GREAT song! And you are definitely rocking my decade with the Eagles and Journey. LOVE the list!