Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sometimes I Wonder

I know that there are obliviots in the world, but sometimes I just have to wonder what are people thinking (or not thinking I guess).

A couple of random events observed in the past few days.....
  • Cars parked in the traffic area at the grocery store, with engines running, and passengers sitting in the car, while the driver has gone inside.  What is so damned important that they couldn't park the car in a parking spot and walk an extra 100 feet?  They're not saving any time, and they're just creating a hassle for those of us actually trying to drive in the traffic area.  I may or may not have made this observation audibly as I walked past one of these cars on my way into the store. 
  • The man in the expensive suit in the lobby of my building this morning who was standing very, very, very close to the counter while he did something with his hands in the area of his zipper.  He was obviously trying to be discreet, and I couldn't tell exactly what he was doing, although I think he possibly was pulling his shirt tails down through the front of his pants as opposed to doing something lewd, but HELLO, there's a restroom 10 steps away where it's perfectly o.k. to unzip your pants and do whatever it is you need to do! 

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