Saturday, November 16, 2013

Numbers, Numbers, Everywhere

Since I told you yesterday about my built-in GPS system, today I thought I'd tell you about my weird ability to remember numbers.

First, let me way that I am NOT much of a math person beyond the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, division functions.  I'm not completely lost when it comes to math, but words are definitely more my thing.

That being said, I can't get rid of numbers in my head.  They stick there, without any effort from me.

  • The date I first met my husband
  • The phone numbers of my neighbors growing up
  • My first day of college in 1986
  • The date I graduated from law school
  • The addresses of not only my immediate family, but my aunts and uncles as well
  • How much I paid for dinner 2 weeks ago
These numbers all stay in my head.  Obviously the ones attached to more significant events or people stay longer, but if there's a number associated with something it will stay with me for at least some period of time.

Sometimes I wonder if all these numbers cluttering up my brain are the reason I can no longer remember names of people I've just met.

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