Saturday, July 5, 2014

Random Things on a Saturday

Today was a little bit of everything.

My parents came down around lunch time to bring me a small secretary they had at their house that I planned to make my new writing desk.

Cute isn't it?
The plan was to make my current "desk", which is really a sewing table/cart more of an actually crafting table where I could use my rigid heddle loom, etc.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize how deep the top overhang is on this desk, so when I open my laptop on it about 3 inches is hanging off the desk.  So it's now out in the living room being pretty with pictures on top of it, and I'm using the same desk.  I'll just have to move my laptop when I want to weave I guess.

We went to Fairview Dairy Bar for lunch, and then while Rob & Dad piddled around the house, Mom & I went to the yarn store, Hallmark, and Belk.  I actually did not buy a single thing at Find X Design, the local yarn store, so I was very proud of myself. Mom bought some yarn, a pattern book, and some needles, so we still did our part to help the economy.

I made my own economic contributions at Hallmark & Belk though.  Our Hallmark has an attached boutique which sells Danskos and I finally bought the brown tooled leather ones I've been wanting for a while.   I have these same shoes in Black & wear them all the time. At Belk I bought a t-shirt.  They also had Fiesta dinner plates as singles, so I bought a few more colors of plates to add to our every day dishes.  I've been wanting some more plates, but haven't wanted to buy full 4 piece place settings, which was the only thing I'd been able to find before now.

After Mom & Dad left I did some knitting, finished cleaning & sorting the bathroom cabinets I started this morning before they arrived, cooked dinner, then did some more knitting while I watched TV with Rob.

So nothing too exciting today, but all in all a good day.  Now I have a date with my spinning wheel because Tour de Fleece (more about that tomorrow probably) started today and I can't fail on the first day!


  1. Just swinging through from NaBloPoMo :) Bummer about the laptop dimensions--the idea of the antique writing desk is pretty romantic, and it is an adorable piece!

  2. The desk is beautiful. I'm glad you can still use it in some fashion.