Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mater Sammich

One of the interesting things about working at the NCGA is that there's always some group or organization touting their cause, and sometimes that cause is delicious.  Today was tomato day.

Just about every variety of slicing tomato, roma tomato and cherry tomato you can think of was available for tasting. 
But more importantly, they had everything you need to make a mater sammich (tomato sandwich for you yankees).
Here in the south we're particular about the ingredients for our mater sammiches.  Preferences may vary slightly, but we all have our definite opinions on how they are best prepared, right down to the particular brand of mayonnaise that's used (if you look closely at the picture above you'll see there are at least 3 different brands on the table, that's completely intentional I assure you). 

Here's my "recipe":
  • White bread (I eat wheat bread usually, and it will do if that's all you have, but it's really better with white)
  • A thin layer of Duke's mayonnaise on both slices (mater sammiches are one of the few things I actually eat mayonnaise on, but it has to be Duke's)
  • Two thick slices of room temperature tomato
  • Copious amounts of black pepper
That's all you need for a true taste of summer in the south, at least until the Silver Queen corn ripens later in August, and then you've never tasted anything better than corn and tomatoes.

Oh, and guess what I had for lunch?

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