Sunday, July 8, 2012

Creating Space

My only real excuse for not writing here for the past month is that work sucked all my brain power and any time I could have spent writing here was instead spent trying to recharge the batteries to my brain to get yet more work done.

But session is over for another year, and at least until January things should be on a much more even keel.  I took the last part of this week off and I've enjoyed a few days of just hanging out and doing what I want, planning and organizing, and just recharging my motivation in general.

Once again, I'm back to trying to create some routines and habits to achieve goals in the two areas I always seem to be working on....writing and weight loss.

I spent a good bit of yesterday putting together my new writing area.

It's actually a sewing cart, but when I was looking around for a relatively inexpensive, small desk to put in my craft room it was the best option I found.  As you can see, it gives me a good amount of work space and storage space, but closes to a smaller piece when not in use.  It also has wheels, which is handy because the room is also our overflow guest room and it will be easy to move out of the way when we need to fold down the futon sofa that is also in the room.

We have a very nice office area upstairs with nice large desks and plenty of space.  However, it is in the loft, which overlooks the living room, so there's no door to shut.  I'm not one of those people that can write while I listen to music, etc. so the sound of the TV or Rob's music in the garage while I'm trying to write is distracting.  This gives me a space to take my laptop and shut the door.

So I plan to be back here more regularly.  I haven't been completely idle the past month, I have made some notes on post ideas here and there, I just never got around to fleshing them out.  And we'll talk some more about some of my goals and ways to achieve them in the near future.

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