Monday, July 9, 2012

The Stash

Like most knitters, I started out buying just enough yarn to complete whatever project I was working on at the time.  In the case of one project, I didn't even buy all of the yarn I needed at once, I just bought more as I needed it (a mistake I will never make again).

Boy has that changed!

Not only do I have more than one project in the works at any given time, but I have much more yarn than I have projects!

To knitters this is known as the "stash". While the most honest intent of having a stash is to always have yarn on hand when you want to start a project, the reality is that pretty yarn has this power to draw you in and convince you that you cannot live without at least a skein, or two, or three.

I was in a real organizing and sorting mode when making room for my new writing space, so I spent a little time reorganizing the stash to put it all neatly in its place, and I took some pictures for you.

This is all of my lace weight yarn.

This is all of my fingering weight yarn.

I didn't lay out all of the worsted weight, as it doesn't get used as much so was already pretty neatly in its place, and I was tired by then.  But imagine another similar sized group of yarn as well.

Yes, it looks like, and probably is, a lot of yarn.  But I love it all.  And if you check out the Flash Your Stash 2012 thread on Ravelry, you'll see I'm not nearly as bad as some!

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