Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday - Hope It's Not A Mistake

Now that the holidays are over, I'm back with Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday.  This week's theme is past mistakes.
I think we'll skip the review of my past mistakes and instead talk songs that reflect what happens when you make a mistake.

First, there's the realization you've made a mistake and the consequences of that mistake, so I'll start you out with the requisite Journey song.

Open Arms - Journey

And after you realize your mistake, there's the period of hope that you can somehow fix it, make it right, or at least recover from it, depending on the circumstances. 

Amazing - Aerosmith

But then the hard work starts and you have to say you're sorry.  But....

Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word - Elton John

Really, really....

Hard to Say I'm Sorry - Chicago

And often you have to say it a lot more than just one time.

I'm Sorry - John Denver

And hopefully, after all that, if you're lucky you'll get a bonus and realize

Everything's Gonna' Be Alright - Bob Marley

Of course the easiest thing is to just not make the mistake in the first place, but that would mean you're not normal right?     


  1. I just watched "Don't Stop Believin'" (the documentary about the new lead singer) and have fallen in love with Journey all over again. You had me at "Open Arms."

    1. I got the DVD for Christmas & love it! I'm a huge Journey fan.

  2. Ok I loved the way you did this. I just saw Cynk saw Don't Stop Believin' I watched it over the summer after seeing them live!!
    Looks like it's a Journey party over here :-)