Thursday, January 23, 2014

Twisted Mix Tape Thursday - Dance Memories

Yeah, so it's Thursday, it's been a busy week y'all, but I'm finally getting this done.

So this week's Twisted Mix Tape theme is your favorite dance music.  I suppose most people upon hearing this theme start thinking of partying and clubbing and the dancing that occurs in those locations.  But I like to be different, and that's not what comes to my mind.

From the age of 3, until I graduated from high school at 17, I took ballet, tap & jazz.  By the time I stopped I was dancing 20+ hours a week.  With at least 14 dance recitals, and umpteen-million actual dances performed, when I think of "dance music" I think of the songs I spent hours upon hours listening to in little snippets as I learned carefully choreographed steps.

Thankfully for you (and me) all my dance pictures are still at my parents' house, so no photographic evidence will be presented today.  So without further dance memories.

Brick House - The Commodores

I think I still remember half the steps from the jazz dance we did to this when I was in about 6th (?) grade. 

One - A Chorus Line

I did at least 5 different versions of chorus line to this song, because you can't end a dance recital without a chorus line right?  I remember when I was younger thinking I couldn't wait until I was old enough to be in the advanced class that got to do this final number. 

Footloose - Kenny Loggins

We had a lot of fun with this one.  I remember the dance started with the curtain almost completely down except for about 6 inches so you could only see our feet the beginning of the movie scene that just shows feet ya' know?

Let's Get Physical - Olivia Newton John

Yeah, I know, but it's seared in my brain & it made an awesome jazz dance song! 

Shim Sham Shimmy - Leonard Reed

O.k...this one's not really a song, but a dance, but I can't leave it off, because I hear the sound of the steps, and that's music to me.  Tap dance was always my favorite.

So there you have it...what dance music means to me.

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  1. OK I LOVE THIS LIST! First of all I remember seeing Chorus Line in middle school in Chicago. Going to the theater with my parents, it was amazing. After that I must have listened to that soundtrack non-stop for a year. I still know every word. Brick house given. Love disco. ONJ and Let's Get Physical!! YES!
    Thank you even if you have to come late, I'm happy you came to the party!