Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Knitting Review

I've been making a concerted effort to get some knitting projects I started last year finished this month.  There's no reason why the shawl I started in August and the socks I started in April shouldn't be done by now.  We won't even talk about the shawl I started in January 2011 that has a gazillion beads, but I am determined to day.

Unfinished projects certainly haven't kept me from casting on for totally new ones already, but there are even more that I want to start and I'm trying to keep the works in progress (WIP) to less than 10.  Yes, I said 10.  I've currently got 5 on the needles, but that's only because I've finished up a couple in the last week or so.

All that is really unrelated to the point of this post, which is to give you a sample of my completed knitted objects from 2013.  I showed you the sweater for my daughter and shrug for a friend in my December recap post, but here are a few more.

You've seen these before, but I'm still inordinately proud of my Water for the Elephants socks.

I did several shawls by one of my favorite designers, Romi Hill.
Winter's Moon

Song of Spring
 And another shawl from a different designer, Montego.

I also made Rob a pair of socks (which he didn't really want until he wore these hunting, and now he wants more) and a pair of hunting gloves (which I don't think he tried at all this season).

This shawl was made for a friend for her wedding.  Silver colored silk lace yarn with seed pearls.  I don't have a great picture, but she was happy with it.

I did a couple of samples for designers to take to shows or display in shops this year, including this single colored Coilis out of some really cushy locally produced organic wool.

That's not everything, but I don't want to bore you.  All in all, I finished 26 projects last year.  That's not as prolific as the 35 I did in 2012, but still a good bit.  I totally failed in my goal to knit 13 pairs of socks in 2013.  The ones I'm trying to finish now would have been pair number 5, so I didn't even get half way.  Oh well.  Knitting is relaxing to me, so I try not to stress about it.

Anyway, hope you've enjoyed the show.

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