Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Fun

I had planned to do a longer post or two about our week at the John C. Campbell Folk School  and our weekend in another part of the NC mountains by now, but the past couple of days have flown by filled with other things.

I'm in Greensboro for the next few days at the Writer's Police Academy, so the longer post about last week will have to wait.  After going to orientation tonight it sounds like the next couple of days are going to be fast paced and action packed.  I can't wait!

Most of the writers here are women.  I've only seen a couple of men so far.  This is my first writer's conference, so I didn't know if that was unusual or not, but one woman I spoke to said almost all the writer's conferences she's been to are a lot more women than men.  Are there more female writers?  Or do male writers just not like conferences?  It's not like this is a romance writer's conference or some other "female" genre.  I would have thought more men would like the opportunity to shoot guns and learn about things like digging up shallow graves.  Maybe they don't want to admit they don't already know about all those "manly" things?  Oh well, more guns for me.

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