Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In a Nutshell

I keep meaning to take the time to post here, but every time I think about it, I get overwhelmed by the number of things that I have not yet blogged about and I don't know where to begin.

So here is the past 2 months or so in a nutshell, and mostly chronological order.....

  • Had a great visit to the John C. Campbell Folk School, where I learned to tat.
  • Became a grandmother on September 19 to Cadence Annette Sitze.
  • Had a knock down doors and shoot up bad guys good time at the Writer's Police Academy.
  • Turned 44 years old and got an iPad from Rob, which I'm still learning how to best use. (I'm typing this post on it now.)
  • Went to the land of cheese (i.e. Wisconsin) for a work related conference.
  • Went to a corn maze with Rob, my brother, his wife and my 3 nieces.  
  • Went to SAFF with my knitting group. My first visit, but definitely not my last!
  • Spent this past weekend hanging out with my daughter and her boyfriend.
  • Spent a couple of nice Saturdays hanging out with Rob and going to a fall festival, an antique tractor show & a local historic site.
  • Did a lot of knitting.
  • Have had the "crud", a cold, and now a chronic cough.
Overall, a good couple of months, other than the cold & cough bit.  So now that I've caught you all up, maybe I can get back to writing here on a regular basis.  And some of these events may show up again in more detail.

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