Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days

The weather here has been less than stellar the past couple of days.

I was home Monday because at 6:30am it was already snowing here in Sanford, and they were saying it was going to start in Raleigh around lunchtime, so I figured if I went to work and then left early I would be driving from bad to worse. I have a rear-wheel drive car, which is not the best for bad weather driving. It ended up not being all that bad, and in hindsight I could have gotten to work and home fine if I'd just left work a little early. Everything did freeze over Monday night, so yesterday I did go in late & leave early, and I really only did that because Rob didn't have to go to work, so I was able to take his car, which has all-wheel drive. I drove my car this morning, but went in a little later just to be safe, but by the time I came home tonight the roads were pretty dry, so hopefully there won't be any ice in the morning.

Having an unexpected day at home is nice when it happens. When you can't go out, it just feels good to cozy up in the house in your sweats and do some reading and knitting. I got most of a hat knitted for Rob on Monday, and would have finished it, except I got half way through and realized it was going to be too small, so I had to rip it all out and start over. I made beef stew for dinner with sourdough bread and all in all it was a nice day just hanging out with Rob.

These days are mixed blessings though. The downside of Monday is that I wasn't prepared to be away from work, and now I have just as much work to do, but less time to do it. The class I was supposed to teach Monday morning had to be rescheduled, and several other things I had planned to do Monday and Tuesday now have to be crammed into the rest of the week. I left on time tonight since they were still calling for some refreezing, but I'm probably going to have to work a little later tomorrow and Friday, and most likely I'll go into the office one day this weekend.

On a different note. I've got several blog posts in the works, on varying subjects that have popped into my head, but nothing quite ready yet. Hopefully soon!

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