Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Watch Me WIP Wednesday

I've realized that in order to post here more regularly, I need to have some recurring segments to fall back on when the brain is not cooperating.  So welcome to the first WIP Wednesday.

For you nonknitters, WIP stands for Work in Progress, so this segment will be related to projects I'm in the process of making using some form of crafting, most often knitting.

This week's WIP is my Jamestown Sweater, which I'm making out of Alisha Goes Around Bevy of Swans DK in a beautiful teal color.  I bought this yarn at SAFF in October and it is sooo luscious!

 I spent most of November knitting this sweater.  I had finished all the pieces and seamed it together, only to discover that I had made it too short.  I knew I needed to make the front and back pieces shorter than what the pattern called for because of my height.  Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking clearly and kept holding the piece up to my side to determine when to start the armhole, which means I didn't account for the amount of length going over my boobs and belly and hips would take up.  End result, I put it on & it's at least 2 inches shorter than I need it to be, and I don't think I'll be able to block it out those extra inches.

Since this is knit from the bottom up, I can't just take out the bottom and knit it longer, so as you can see above, I've ripped the back piece back down below the armholes and I'm in the process of getting the stitches back on the needles correctly so I can knit some more straight before doing the armholes.  Hopefully I'll get it right this time.

I love this pattern and the yarn though, so I really want to finish this sweater.  I'm just trying to stay motivated to get it done now so i can wear it a little this winter.

This sweater is being housed in my library card bag made by Amy Beth aka The Fat Squirrel.  I love this bag because the reading geek in me is thrilled by all the old library cards for books I mostly read as a kid.  Jane Eyre, The Secret of the Old Clock (Nancy Drew), Where the Wild Things Are, and so many more!

I've really become a bit of a knitting bag addict, so I'll try to make a point of showing my knitting bags with my WIPS as well.

Until next time....

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