Friday, January 8, 2016

Fee Fi FO Friday

Sometimes I actually finish projects.  That's not accurate, I actually finish a lot of projects, but I go through spurts. I'm not a monogamous knitter, so I usually have many different WIPs at any given time, so unless I'm really focusing on one particular project I may go weeks without actually finishing anything and then suddenly I'll finish several things one right after the other.

In knitter-speak a finished project is an FO, i.e. finished object.  I'm designating Friday as the day to generally share FOs, so here's something I've finished recently.

I went to Southern Pines a couple of days before Christmas to do a little last minute Christmas shopping and after I got what I needed for everyone else, I treated myself to a little Christmas at the yarn shop there, Bella Filati.  It's a nice, friendly, yarn shop and I go there occasionally on Saturday afternoons for social knitting.  If you're in the area you should stop and check it out.

But the reason I mention it is that at that visit I bought a skein of Knitted Wit Victory DK yarn  in the Autumn Rainbow colorway.  I just couldn't resist these jewel tones jumbled all together.  Isn't it gorgeous?
I had the store wind it for me so as soon as I got home I could cast on.  I knit a pair of gloves for me, but because I have small hands they only took about half of the skein, so I made a short cowl to create a matching set.
Cowl pattern is Diamond Cowl, gloves I made up as I went.
I love them!  They're so fun and colorful.  I just bought a new charcoal grey dress coat, so they give me a fun pop of color with that.  I loved this colorway so much that I've ordered a skein of sock yarn in the same color from the dyer.  She has more in her shop if you want it, go on, you know you do!

I get many hours of enjoyment from knitting and other crafts, but wearing something you made at the end is also very satisfying.

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