Monday, March 31, 2014

Carolina Fiber Frolic

Photo heavy post ahead....
I spent the past few days in the mountains of NC with 40 or so people who are as fascinated and obsessed as I am with fiber, yarn, spinning, knitting and just about anything else you can do with string.  My friend Michiele and I drove up on Thursday, but our friend Roxie who normally goes with us couldn't make it, so Rosie the Sock Monkey was her stand in for the weekend and she had a lot of fun!
Here's Rosie hanging out in my bag of stuff the night before because she's ready to go!

Rosie got an early start Thursday morning because she had to make a couple of stops along the way.

Rosie had a quick visit with Mom & Dad in Greensboro.

Rosie also saw Carey Statesville,and got to check out the barn where she's getting married in October.

Rosie, Michiele and I took a selfie when we arrived at our destination.

Rosie relaxed with a glass of wine at dinner Thursday night.

After a long day on the road, Rosie was ready for bed.

Rosie started off the morning hanging with her friend Peggy.

We were in a class on making rolags, and these were my first few pitiful attempts using hand carders.  Rosie was too ashamed of these to be in the picture.
Our wonderful instructor Kristen showing us how to do it, while "princess" Ann looks on.
Eventually I produced some rolags that Rosie wasn't ashamed to be seen with.

This was a spinning wheel someone had for display.  Made by a custom motorcycle guy.  A little too fancy for me and Rosie, but pretty cool looking anyway.

Rosie met Mel from Singlehandedknits who was quite a hoot!  Rosie will definitely be listening to her podcasts in the future.

Rosie is hanging with the yarn and fiber dyed in my afternoon dyeing class.  There was too much dye flying around for pictures during class, but she's very proud of my pretty blue yarn!

The knitting contest Friday night was a lot of fun.  Sarah, Priscilla, Burgl, Renata, Sharon & Sharon are concentrating hard. We all loooooved knitting with Homespun on size 19 needles.

All the spinners competing to spin the longest strand in a limited time.

Kathy, Anne, Sharon & Fran are flying. There were some really fast spinners, but Rosie and I are pretty new, so we just watched this part.

After all the competitions, Rosie gave her friend Blue a little hug before heading to bed.


Rosie must have snuck out of the room Friday night, because somewhere she found a new boyfriend. I believe he hitched a ride up from Myrtle Beach with Peggy, she's always picking up strange men. Meet Swatch, the sock bunny.  I found them hanging out by the fireplace Saturday morning.  It was rainy and dreary outside, so I didn't blame them.

Inside, Barton was flying a kite. 

Out in the lobby Michiele was spinning, while Nora looked on.
Saturday night dinner was tasty, and rather well endowed, although it was modest enough to wear a bay leaf.  No my mind is not in the gutter, what ever do you mean?

After a long day, Rosie and Swatch hit the bed.  Yes, they're living in sin, I'm so ashamed.  I think they saw too many carrots at dinner.

Everyone was looking happy in Mel's sweater class.  Too bad they hadn't finished those sweaters yet, because it was a little cold!

Janis, Mel, and Kathy smile for the camera.  Peggy is concentrating on her knitting.

Nora, Leslie, and Karen were getting ready to make magic happen in Vicki's Nuno felting class.
Just before leaving, Rosie & Swatch took a quick swim in all the gorgeous yarn from The Copper Corgi that I wouldn't let them bring home.  Can you believe the restraint I showed?
It was a wonderful long weekend, and I can't wait to go back next year!

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  1. Awesome post, can't believe the carrot made another appearance.