Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Best Intentions

The clouds were very dramatic as I left work this evening, and since I'm trying to be more aware of moments like these, I took a picture.

Then I spent 30 minutes tonight trying to figure out how to get it from my phone to here via my ipad.  I've decided that the Blogger app is practically worthless.  Any post uploaded through the app is written in stone and completely incapable of being edited in any manner for eternity, so heaven forbid you're not perfect in typing on your phone or ipad.  I was trying to use the regular website (that I'm using right now from my laptop), but on my ipad.  Generally, that works well, except for the picture issue I encountered tonight.  I had no trouble getting the picture from my phone to my ipad through Dropbox, but why is it that on my laptop I have an option to upload a picture directly, but that same option does not exist on the browser on my ipad?  Makes no sense to me.  So I uploaded the picture from my ipad to Flickr and tried to link to the url, but blogger kept telling me there was no picture at that url, which was a total LIE.

Finally, I gave up and came to the laptop.  The picture is not really that great, or even necessary to what I originally intended this post to be about, but it was the principle of the matter by that point.  I've always found Blogger to be relatively simple when I was using only my laptop to post, but now that I've become more technologically tethered, it might be time to investigate other options.  I've viewed my smartphone and now my ipad as ways to possibly post more often since I can do it places other than at home, but that idea is backfiring because of the frustrations of trying to do things that seem so logical to me, but apparently are not to the programmers of Blogger.  Then again, I'm not sure I've ever known a computer programmer who thought like an average person.

So now that I've essentially written a blog post on my difficulties with making a blog post, I guess I'll save what I had intended to write about for tomorrow.  In the meantime, if anyone is reading this & has any suggestions for another method of setting up a blog that has an easy method of blogging from both smartphone (Android OS) and ipad, please let me know.

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